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Kickstarter Campaign Launch

Please pledge your support now!

After all the hard work we have finally arrived at the time to set Gunscape free. It's been an adrenalin filled journey to get to here and we honestly could not have done it without the support of our individual team members and our ultra-early backers and testers! We are truly thankful for everyone that has helped us get to this point.

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Siegecraft TD - Help - Multiplayer Buildings

Here you will find all the details of the different buildings, siege engines and upgrades that can be done in the multiplayer part of Siegecraft TD.



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Siegecraft TD - Help - Enemies in depth



Listed here are all the enemies that appear in Siegecraft TD and their detailed stats:


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Siegecraft TD - Help

Main help page for all things Siegecraft TD!

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Siegecraft TD - Help - Towers in depth

Listed here are all the towers available to build in Siegecraft TD and their detailed stats:


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Wrap up of 2012

Well it has been a long time between posts and maybe some of you think the team at Blowfish has been asleep since the beginning of the year. Not true! We continue to work hard on our own games, plus games and apps for partners. First a recap of what Blowfish was able to release during 2012.

New games - Razor Salvation, Vesper Hunt, Infinity Ring #1, Infinity Ring #2, Virtua Fighter 5 Strategy Guide, Priceless Slots 

Ports - Qbism, Hungry MonstR, Siegecraft and Razor Salvation to Windows 8.  Razor Salvation to Android

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Razor Salvation Theme Music

We are happy to release the theme music to SALVATION! This song was composed by the brilliant Sean Beeson, who creates some truly inspiring music.


Also if people want to join the closed beta of Salvation on Facebook, enlist at:

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Xenos Recon Drone

The Xenos use their alien technology just like us humans and sometimes create stand alone machines.

Here is some of the concept art we created to create the Xenos reconnaissance drone...


Until I figure out how to embed YouTube video in our blog, you'll have to click the link to see the in-game video :)

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Sneak Peek

Well we've had a very busy last few months, what with the SIEGECRAFT launch on iOS and Android, the holiday season and then moving into a new studio.  The Blowfish team has also been very busy working on a new game!  And we are ready to show a little to any blog readers ;)

So here it is, RAZOR SALVATION!

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A New Home

Well we've been quiet for a while now, and it's really that things have been extremely busy at Blowfish.  So busy infact, that we've had to expand the Blowfish team!  To make room for everyone we've been organising a new office and finally we are in the new studio.

Empty Office 01

Empty office waiting for the Blowfish studio!


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