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Gunscape is live on Early Access!

Well what a day (and a bit). We had a slow start with the missing buttons in Steam, but its all good now. Thanks Valve!

After that was fixed we got a lot more traffic than we expected for a silent Early Access launch in the middle of the night (while the Blowfish team was asleep) and it caused the server to go down... oops! Some quick work from Jessica and Kyle brought it all back together though, thanks team! :)

Please remember the game is still in Beta / Early Access so there are quite a lot of bits which are unfinished and there are many bugs. We are endeavouring to get the game finished as soon as possible and you should see many frequent updates and improvements.

Submit all your bug reports and suggestions via the forums and check out our public Trello board!

See you in-game!


Gunscape Early Access coming soon!!

The first part of our development journey is nearly over and Gunscape should be entering Steam Early Access any day now! So these are the last days that Founder packages will be available. We'll replace them with similar ones, but they won't be valid for all platforms. Unfortunately for reasons to do with platform holder policies, each specific platform version of the game will only be valid on that platform, so only current Founders will get copies for all supported platforms if they wish.

The Steam coming soon page is live, go check it out!


Gunscape Coming to XBox One

Yes, we made it to E3!  So this is the big news that we haven't been able to share over the last couple of weeks, and this is what has been keeping us pretty busy.  You might have noticed over the last few weeks that less features and content have been going in, while more fixes and optimisations have been implemented.  It was all preparation for our first publicly playable demo!

Glen and Aaron made the long trek over to Los Angeles for the show.  Here are a couple of photos of the setup.  Now that we've actually got a lot of the fixes and fine tuning done, we'll be able to push quickly forward with extra content and functionality.


Glen showing off his Gunscape skillz


The bright Green Glow of ID@Xbox...


Another one of our games, Siegecraft Commander, but showing off split-screen, which will be coming to Gunscape too!