Coming to PS4 and Xbox One!

Developed by Inca Games and Sixth Vowel and published by Blowfish Studios.

Element: Space is a brand new take on turn-based tactical squad RPGs set in the future.

The year is 2199, its your job as Captain Chris Pietham to assemble an elite crew to combat and expose a shadowy organisation threatening humanity's very existence. Venture into the far reaches of space and engage in action packed turn-based combat, every decision, every alliance you make will shape the destiny of the galaxy. It's up to you to save humanity in this tactical squad based RPG coming soon to consoles!


  • Intriguing non-linear story with multiple endings - Step into the shoes of Captain Pietham after being framed for a terrorist attack. Follow him on a journey to clear his name and expose a terrible genocidal conspiracy.

  • Easy to learn, hard to master turn-based battles - Face overwhelming odds and break through their ranks. Use your wits and uncover lots of powerful skill combos to get the mission done.

  • Unique characters to recruit - Travel the galaxy and recruit companions. Each one of them comes with a unique skill set, story and unlockables items.

  • Fight the way you want - Deck out your crew with unlockable weapons and perk trees of your choice. Adjust your party to your own play style.




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