Siegecraft® Commander is the latest installment in the popular Siegecraft® franchise. With a combination of twitch mechanics and positional tactics, the objective is to build a fortress in a branching structure with specialised towers connected with lofty indestructible walls. Almost everything is performed by adjusting the angle and trajectory of projectiles. Fans of cult classic Moonbase Commander will appreciate the fresh look and overall improvements.

Siegecraft® Commander is a single or multiplayer real-time strategy game where opponents expand their bases and deploy ground and air units to destroy the enemy base and win the round. In single player mode, each victory unlocks a new level and a new chapter in the storyline.

The intuitive multiplayer menu makes finding a game fast and easy. Multiplayer features local or online play, and the Switch version features cross-platform multiplayer with Steam and Xbox One. Two versions of Siegecraft Commander are available on Steam: standard and VR.

Take command of the Knights or their enemies the Lizardmen, plan your strategy, and execute on the battlefield. March, fly, and expand to within striking range of the enemy Keep, destroy the keep, and win the round.

Base expansion is key, so plan carefully. Create a new tower by launching it from an existing tower; a wall automatically connects them. Click and drag the 3D launching mechanism on the map. In real-time mode, speed and accuracy are critical.

You can build towers in segments, like a fortress wall, or build them in starbursts, with several towers radiating out from a single hub structure. Quickly build walls around your enemy’s troops to cut them off from support or funnel your infantry to the enemy’s weak spot. The design and strategy styles are virtually limitless.

The Knight Campaign
Protect your base and launch offensives with a variety of specialized towers and units. Expand your base by catapulting towers and walls to the front or keep them fortified behind defenses. Deploy waves of AI-driven ground units for a land-based attack or capture a gold deposit and scramble a fleet of air units. Shell the enemy’s base with exploding powder kegs and exploding … cows. Disrupt enemy lines with magic spells. Destroy environmental obstacles to open new lines of attack.

The Lizardman Campaign
Launch war camps and outposts into forbidding swamps to protect your keep and dismantle the enemy base. Slog lizardman troops through muddy bogs and battle for the high ground with exploding Boombah pots. Capture gold deposits to unlock powerful totem magic. Surround your war camps with auto-firing Ballistas to fend off enemy air assaults. Decimate enemy troops with incendiary fire pots and scattering cluster shots.

Siegecraft Commander refreshes the RTS genre with a groundbreaking new tower construction feature, minimal micromanagement, no economy to slow down expansion, and a simple but robust tech tree. These new additions and fun, familiar RTS elements make Siegecraft Commander a joy to discover and endlessly playable.



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