Blowfish Studios at PAX East 2019 - Our Winners and our experience

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

First of all, we want to say congratulations to our console giveaway winners!

Cassidy won the grand prize, while Arleni and William won 2nd and 3rd place.

Our giveaway winners! From left to right: Cassidy, Arleni and William.

Our giveaway winners! From left to right: Cassidy, Arleni and William.

Our PAX East experience

PAX East was amazing this year. There were a lot of interesting games, and activities to check out. If you happened to miss our booth, feel free to check out the games we featured at PAX.

Our featured games:

War Tech Fighters - War Tech Fighters puts you in control of massive, fully-customizable battle mechs making war across multiple planets. It’s fast-action battle using rapid-fire rockets and ranged energy weapons against waves of hostile fighter ships.

Projection: First Light - Designed to look and feel like vintage shadow-puppets on a backlit stage, Projection lets you control light and shadow to create platforms and ramps you can walk on and climb. As the story unfolds, you’ll travel to different countries and eras and face sinister shadow-puppet monsters.

Obey Me - Obey Me is an action 3D brawler coming soon for Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You play as soul huntress Vanessa Held or as her pet hellhound Monty beating down monsters, mutants, and “angelical machines” on Hell’s behalf.

Subdivision Infinity DX - Subdivision Infinity DX is a fast-paced space shooter that will satisfy your desire to be a hot-shot intergalactic fighter pilot. Engage in dogfights and boss battles, mine asteroids and hunt bounties, and complete main missions and side quests in this epic game packed with arcade-style action.

To everyone that stopped by booth #22120, we thank you for supporting our games. If you happen to find us at other events, don’t hesitate to stop by and meet with us. We enjoy chatting with all of our supporters. Don’t be a stranger! See you again at the next event!